Sunday, July 27, 2014

Como Conservatory

The Como Conservatory is one of my all time favorite places to visit.  I have visited this place when I was a child.  Favorite area is the sunken garden, which changes quarterly with the seasons.  I really did not want to enter my picture with my best friend Karen M, but this is real.  After my stroke, I have gained a lot of weight along with not sleeping.  It has been a hard adjustment for me.  With time I hope to get some sort of normalcy. although my doctors tell me this is my new normal, which I hate with a passion.  I have a fighting spirit and will do my best to get better.

Kristina, Alex, Kalen and Kathy at Nickoleon Park at the Mall of America

 Kristina and Alex at Nickolodeon Universe.  So much  to see and do.
 Kalen, already tuckered out.
 Grandma and Alex at the park.  We had so much fun.
 Alex, at Legoland.  He loved the legos.  Alex was quite good at sharing with the other children/
 Kristina and Alex at the Peeps store, if front of the HUGE amount of peeps, mike and ike, etc  candy display.
 Peeps employee shared a few candy samples with Alex.

We had so much fun on a cold January day.  Kristina, Alex and Kalen came to Minnesota to be with me after my stroke.  I could not have done it without them!

My Parakeets


First of all, it is hard to tell the blue parakeets apart so their names change quite often.  Fred seems to be the ring leader.  He is the first one to leave the cage and survey the outside.  Lucy loves looking at herself in the mirror.  In fact she gets quite upset if another bird is in the way.  Lucy also had her wings clipped  by a previous owner, so she can get out of the cage, but cannot fly.  Lucy needs help getting back in.  The parakeets provide lots of background noise, they love classical music, which I will put on when they need to calm down.  
I really enjoy these birds and their personalities.  They bring life to a quiet home.